April 24-25, 2015

San Francisco, CA

A new NLP conference bringing together researchers and practitioners, using computational linguistics and text mining to build new companies through understanding and meaning. Brought to you by the organizers of the SF Text, SF Scala, Scala By the Bay 2014, the Silicon Valley Scala Symposium 2013, Scala By the Bay 2015, and Big Data Scala 2015.


Conference News

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All available videos and slides are published in Schedule. If a video or slides link is missing under a talk, it means it's not and won't be available. Mobile and interactive version -- remember your personal schedule.

Professional Training Added

Text By the Bay: Connecting the Best Open-Source NLP with the Best Startups

The main goal of Text By the Bay is connecting the best NLP academics with the best practitioners. The best academics build open-source tools that startups and enterprises can take to production quickly, and that they can learn and improve. In return, web-scale production leads to massive datasets and use cases that improve the software. The last year saw multiple NLP-centric companies founded and we want to bring them together.

We start this conference small with as much help form the community as we can gather. First, we need volunteers to help organize it. We also need a venue fitting 200-300 people for a day or two. And we need great sponsors -- email us at text@bythebay.io if you can help in one of these areas!

Keynote Speakers

Mark Liberman

Mark (@mark_liberman) is a Christopher H. Browne Distinguished Professor of Linguistics and Professor of Computer Science at the University of Pennsylvania. Mark is also the Director of Linguistic Data Consortium. His research interests include corpus-based phonetics, the phonology and phonetics of lexical tone, and its relationship to intonation; gestural, prosodic, morphological and syntactic ways of marking focus, and their use in discourse; and formal models for linguistic annotation. Mark blogs at Language Log.

Aaron Patzer

Aaron (@apatzer) is the founder and CEO of Fountain.com, which uses Natural Language Processing to route users to experts. Prior to that he was the founder and CEO of Mint.com, sold to Intuit. Aaron started coding Fountain.com in Scala himself, and a year later presented the system with his co-founder Jean at SF Scala.

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The Agenda

Come to Text By the Bay well-rested and ready to meet your fellow Scala developers. We'll have two full days of talks (keynotes, full-length, and lightning) and build a startup-centric NLP community for the Bay Area!

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